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I need to decide whether or not to renew my membership in NCTE (The National Council of Teachers of English). I am a first-year teacher who teaches 10th grade English. I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing. I did not utilize anything related to my membership this last year, but I feel like maybe I should have? Are any of you members of national organizations? If so, which ones? Why?

  1. 9while9 answered: i feel mla, ncte, and ascd are important memberships to have for my portfolio if nothing else.
  2. grammarchicknyc answered: If you have to write a thesis paper for your Master’s, you should keep it. You get access to archived publications that may be useful.
  3. teachinginthemiddle answered: i’m in ncte. i put it on my resume as a professional organization…ive used some ideas from their emails in classes.
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