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Word Portraits of Fourth-Grade Students Around the World?

As a fourth grade teacher, I definitely want to share this with my students and do a version of it.



is it selfish to want to be someone’s favorite person to talk to and be with and look at and think about is it really self centered to just want to be one person’s favorite person

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Well I have been a big slacker this summer and have not blogged at all! I have been working and doing a grad school class and being very busy all around.

Hopefully I get back into the swing of things soon (both in real life and in tumblr life).

Keep you all posted! Good luck to you going back to school next week!



Great ideas about how to get your students to follow directions THE FIRST TIME!

Going to have to read this after work today.

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I want to thank you for your reblog and your comments on my little freak-out about jobs and teaching and degrees and everything. Sometimes the pressures of the moment are SO overbearing, and a little perspective like the ones you give get completely lost, and I'm really glad you said all the things you said. Definitely keeping for the future, thank you so much!
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I am glad you found my words helpful. I can’t say I speak from much experience, as I am only one year out of college, but I know that I wish someone would have told me all those things when I was stressing out about which major to choose, which jobs to apply for, etc. Surround yourself with people you love & do great things with them and it will all work out well! Best of luck to you in all your endeavors!




I think this will be printed and given to my students this year, to be taped inside their agendas. Then I will periodically have them create questions and quiz each other as an exit slip.



If you are an Olympic lifter or crossfitter you will be fully aware of the pretty demanding mobility requirements that come with the Olympic lifts. This guide from Nicola Jane Hobbs on Tribesports will help you improve your mobility, and therefore your weightlifting peformance!

Gotta try these!

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It feels like, right now, my future is just the matter of a few simple decisions and then suddenly my life, my future, has already taken shape. And that’s honestly terrifying. 

All those years at school, learning and taking exams to test what I’ve learnt, have come up to these few years and to the decision that’s waiting for me right now. What uni do I go to, and more importantly, what the bloody hell do I study, because I had it all so set out and suddenly it’s not set out anymore, and the uncertainty of everything feels like it’s killing me. 
If I pick teaching, I’m qualified at 21, and that’s it. That’s my life sorted for the rest of my years. I work and I work and I work for three years, and then I find myself a job, and then I’m done.

But what about English Lit, and then teaching? What the heck do I put myself through? Do I do this first, and then give myself so many more options, and then go to teach, or maybe find another route into something else I wouldn’t be able to do with just a teaching degree? Not to forget to mention the fact that I’ll be spending £9,000 a YEAR. THREE YEARS. FOUR WITH TEACHING. £36,000 IN DEBT AT THE AGE OF 24 and I’m 17 and I’m calculating my future for myself, and everything is a mess. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where I’m supposed to go from here. 

I can only pray He guides me to happiness. I just don’t know anymore. :’(

I know when I was going to college/about to graduate, I felt the same way: like once I made these “big decisions”, my life would be set, that’s it - easy sailing after that. Or even if it wasn’t “easy-sailing,” it would be figured out. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your outlook), my life has not just been “smooth sailing” since I graduated college and entered the work force. I have made many tough decisions since then and have even had some tearful nights of venting and worrying with my best friends aboutwhattheheckamigoingtodowithmylife!?!

I think what I am trying to say is this: The good news is: you are not alone. I know many of your peers are dealing with the same stresses and I can guarantee that as long as you work hard and pursue your goals and dreams, you can’t really go wrong. Try to avoid debt whenever possible, but debt is something you can manage and live with, so don’t let that make you so scared that you do not pursue the things that are most important to you. Also, please remember that the things that are important to you can and will change - and that is a good thing!

Now, the bad news is: you are not alone and it doesn’t really get easier. Once you make all these “big” decisions, there are many more awaiting you. I thought I had done all the leg work for my life when I finally landed my teaching job and, one year later, that seems like small potatoes compared to some of the problems and decisions I have faced since then. The thing you have to remember is you. are. young. so young! and you have lots of time to make these decisions and unmake them if you feel you need to. Choosing your college major isn’t permanent, a degree isn’t your sealed fate for life (in fact many people work in jobs that have nothing to do with your degree field), you don’t owe your first job a lifetime of service, and, no matter how well you think you have it “figured out”, life has a fabulous way of throwing you curveballs every now and then just to keep you on your toes.

You are going to be okay. Actually, probably better than okay. You are going to be marvelous.

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Sorry this is so late! My wonderful tumblr buddy sent me this amazing end of the year gift! Thank you @chalkdust-n-apples!

Sorry this is so late! My wonderful tumblr buddy sent me this amazing end of the year gift! Thank you @chalkdust-n-apples!